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Boots & Paws

tv-series / 2 x 5 minutes

in developement  / 2019


Boots and Paws was part of an internal pitch at Studio Soi. 18 creatives presented ideas for a potential tv-series. The three most intriguing concepts were presented to German broadcaster WDR. Few months later, Boots and Paws went into development and received support by film funding MFG. The result of the development, two episodes, 5 minutes each, were finished in 2019 and later broadcasted in WDR‘s show ‘Sendung mit der Maus’.

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Carsten Bunte, Dominic Eise, Mark Feller, Sebastian Koch, Anneliese Mak, Torben Meier,  Klaus Morschheuser, Marcus Sauermann, Mathias Schreck, Michael Sieber, Alexandra Stautmeister,  Monika Tenhündfeld



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