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Studio Soi

GmbH & Co. KG Filmproduktion

founded in 2003


If you want to swing by we are in the courtyard of the Film- und Medien-zentrum. On the left hand side with some bicycles in the front. Studio Soi, Königsallee 35, Ludwigsburg.

Studio Soi GmbH & Co. KG

Königsallee 43

D71638 Ludwigsburg


Geschäftsführer : Carsten Bunte

AG Ludwigsburg, HRA 203004

mail & legal


We are keen to learn more about your goals. Please get in touch:

phone +49 7141 974 36 70

phone: +49 7141 97 43 670



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work & collab

Please check our current job postings on here and then get in touch with us under:

If you want to collaborate with us as an animation studio or your think you have an interesting portfolio in the fields of writing, direction, illustration, coding or anything else, please submit your portfolio to:


We only offer one internship at a time at studio soi. During your internship, you should be self-motivated and will be responsible for projects, in contact with clients, and managing deadlines. We are only accepting applications from pre-graduate/Erasmus students. Please send us a link to your portfolio/reel. We do our best to reply promptly; however, please understand that we receive applications constantly, so it will take some time. Please send your application to:


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