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Combots - Tom & Lily

tutorials / emojis

 for combots / 2005


Combots was a desktop messenger for social circles to communicate emotions with animated avatars. We developed and produced the animated manuals. To keep these films entertaining directors Jakob Schuh and Saschka Unseld introduced Tom & Lily, a couple in it's honeymoon phase. Studio aka’s Marc Craste designed the two characters.
Additionally, we contributed avatars and their animations for various user groups. Among them DC characters, signs of the zodiac and Spongebob and his friends.


Carsten Bunte, Bernhard Haux, Anna Kubik, Perrine Marrais, Torben Meier, Klaus Morschheuser, Mathias Schreck, Jakob Schuh, Michael Sieber, Saschka Unseld


by Marc Craste


by Jakob Schuh

character design

by Jakob Schuh

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