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MTV Make a Difference

ident / 22 seconds

commissioned by mtv asia / 2005


The producers of MTV Asia's charity show "Make a difference" approached us after they had seen our ITFS-festival trailer “Bunnies”. They asked us to create the opening titles for their show. Jakob Schuh and Saschka Unseld came up with the idea to show characters in various situations helping someone in need. 
The opening titles, at the start of the evening, showed a sequence of situations being played backwards: the clip gave the impression of people deciding not to help but hold others back. We tried not to meet the audience's expectations in showing them a behaviour that wasn’t appropriate for the evening. Only when the scenes, one by one, were then looped and played back and forth later in the show it became apparent that the audience was watching moments of compassion and helpfulness. Just as if helping someone is a very easy and playful decision. 
When all of the scenes were connected at the end of the evening a string of selflessness was displayed: one helper causing the next to also do good. Helping others got contagious.


Carsten Bunte, Anna Kubik, Klaus Morschheuser, Michael Sieber, Mathias Schreck,  Jakob Schuh, Saschka Unseld.


character design

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