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Nearest and Dearest

shortfilm / 6 ½ minutes

commissioned by zdf / 2012


Nearest and Dearest is a film about these moments in life when you have to bid farewell. It’s about that scary feeling when your mind knows that life moves on even though your heart would give everything to stop it. You know that you gonna lose.

Nearest and Dearest is Max Stöhr’s and Michael Sieber’s first co-direction. After having finished the animatic Michael stayed true to the book and left with a heavy heart to help our studio and become the animation supervisor on The Amazing World of Gumball in 2012. Max heroically finished the short on his own. For sure there must have been times when he felt lonely. 


Polina Bokhan, Sandra Brandstätter, Patrick Brennecke, Carsten Bunte, Mark Kjaergaard, Peter Ruschel, Marcus Sauermann, Paul Schicketanz, Jakob Schuh, Michael Sieber,  Max Stöhr, Johannes Weiland


In 2013 Nearest and Dearest was awarded in the category Tricks for Kids at the ITFS in Stuttgart.



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