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Princess' Painting

shortfilm / 6 ½ minutes

commissioned by zdf / 2011


A spoiled princess gets a lot of praise for her paintings. Only the gardener seems to be unimpressed by her artistic skills. Upset by her subordinate’s behaviour the princess sends the gardener to prison in the castle's dungeon. Still she cannot shake off that feeling that the gardner was right and her drawings could be better. With a few hints from the gardener the princess discouvers for the first time that there is more fun in trying to improve her skills than to getting undeserved praise.


Matthias Bäuerle, Maria Bogade, Carsten Bunte, Harry Fast, Mark Feller, Uwe Heidschötter, Michael Herold, Andreas Hummel, Cordula Langhans, Klaus Morschheuser, Egbert Reichel, Marcus Sauermann, Sabrina Schmidt, Mathias Schreck, Benjamin Quabeck, Johannes Weiland.



The short film received the award for best TV special in Annecy in 2011. At the the Rosh’d International Film Festival in Tehran it was awarded the Diploma of Honor.

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