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Room on the Broom

tv special / 27 minutes

for bbc & zdf / 2012


After the completion of both Gruffalo films, Magic Light suggested to work on an adaptation of "Room on the Broom". The picturebook was once again written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. In the book a witch welcomes various travelers to hop on her broom, while her companion, a begrudging, red cat would rather keep the broom to only themselves. When facing a fierce dragon however, the gang of friends team up. They attempt to rescue the witch from the dragon's attack.


charactersheet dragon

Philipp Allard, Man Arenas, Polina Bambi Bokhan, Matthias Bäuerle, Christian Bohm, Daniel Brkovic, Patrick Brennecke, Andreu Campos, John Coomey, Andreas Dahn, Matthias Eckhardt, Peter Egeberg, Alexandre Etienne, Yannik Faase, Waldemar Fast, Elias Fauser, Mark Feller, Pascal Flörks, Katharina Frank, Jacob Frey, Tobias Gerdts, Guillaume Glachant, Gísli Halldorsson, Michael Heberlein, Uwe Heidschötter, Carla Heinzel, Thomas Hinke, Andreas Hummel, Jin-Ho Jeon, Max Jung, David Kirchner, Rico Koschmitzky, Jan Lachauer, Max Lang,  Jonathan Lecroart, 


Robert Lehman, Grégory Lenain, Nicolas Leu, Alexander Lindner, Thorsten Löffler, Hubert Märkl, Torben Meier, Gottfried Mentor, Katja Moll, Daniel Möller, Klaus Morschheuser, Chloé Nicolay, Inga Nospickel, Roland Petrizza, Aurélien Prédal, Christian Puille, Marcel Reinhard, Parzival Röthlein, Dario Sabato, Felix Schaller, Sabrina Schmid, Georg Schneider, Mathias Schreck, Jakob Schuh, Frank Spalteholz, Raphaël Théolade, Tobias Trebeljahr, Massimiliano Truzzi, Tobias von Burkersroda, Karsten Wagenknecht, Philipp Wibisono, Hannah Wieland.



Room on the Broom premiered on Christmas 2012 with 7.6 million viewers. It won the BAFTA animation award, the Christal for Best TV production at the Festival d’Animation Annecy, an International Kids Emmy Award, the British Animation Award.  Room on the Broom was nominated for an Academy Award (OSCAR) in 2014. It was also nominated for the Magnolia Award as best animation film at the Shanghai International TV Festival. The film was runner up at the Prix Jeunesse 2014 in the category 7-11 Fiction.

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