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Torvald and the Fir Tree

shortfilm / 6 ½ minutes

commissioned by zdf / 2005


Author Marcus Sauermann had already worked on the ZDF's show Siebenstein when we founded Studio Soi in 2003. He introduced us to the editor and suggested that studio soi could take care of the visual part of his short film.  
Torvald is the smallest logger in the village; for Christmas, he decides to chop down the biggest Christmas tree of them all. As the big day draws closer, Torvald has made little progress and it looks like he and his wife may miss out on celebrating Christmas Eve. That is, until he has a brilliant idea.
Working on that short led to a long working relationship with broadcaster ZDF. Only now, when we look back, we notice how autobiographical the story was: our studio was tiny, but we made a promise to ourselves to work on projects that were too big for us.  Only after we accepted how inept we were 


Carsten Bunte, Marcus Sauermann, Jakob Schuh, Michael Sieber,   Saschka Unseld

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