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The Troll Trap

 shortfilm / 7 minutes

commissioned by zdf / 2013


Smilla is a young circus kid. She desperately wants to perform in the arena and decided to go for a fine and very elegantly choreographed act with a dancing bear. But since there is no bear at hand Smilla tries to catch one in the mountains nearby. She sets up a trap, puts cotton candy in to allure the bear and falls asleep. When she wakes up she caught herself a giant troll keen to get more of that delicious candy. To Smilla’s mind a dancing troll is even better and will be for sure the main attraction of the circus. But when the animal trainer learns that the crazy girl had caught herself a troll, Smilla has to decide what prize she is willing to pay for fame and success.

The short film was aired as part of the children's show Siebenstein on ZDF.



Troll Trap premiered on September 15th 2013. It was screened at Prix Jeunesse in 2013 and also shown at the Zagreb Animation Festival, the International Trickfilm Festival in Stuttgart and in Bialystok /  Poland.


character designs


Carsten Bunte, Sandra Brandstätter, Patrick Brennecke, Kyra Buschor, Elias Fauser, Mark Feller, Iring Freytag, Christian Höhn, Andreas Hummel, Klaus Morschheuser, Marcus Sauermann, Tobias Trebeljahr, Georg Schneider, Mathias Schreck,  Johannes Weiland

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