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Trude's Flatmate

tv series / 32 x 6 minutes

for wdr / 2012 - 2022


Where I am from, one does!

We have been working on the series Trude’s Flatmate for more than 10 years. The series has become a reference point for many things that happen within the studio.  When we need a quick one-liner we often quote the series. We use stories from the TV show as parables to explain our point of view. Marcus, the creator and writer, tells us stories and insights from his life through the Trude characters. When we can relate the most with his anecdotes, they become our own stories. 

As time goes by, Tier shows us the ways we and our world constantly evolve. He demonstrates how a giant hairy creature can feel like an adorable princess and why discussing mental healing is important. Even giving up on dreams of being a famous accordion player might lead toward true happiness.

Trude’s Flatmate has been our ongoing companion for the longest time. The project that is always present. That enables us to get voice actors, animators, designers, writers, production managers and interns to join the studio and immediately understand who we are: Quirky grown-ups  and  hairy weirdos who live for the little moments and turn these into big memories.

By now, WDR has commissioned writer Marcus Sauermann and director Klaus Morschheuser to produce 32 episodes of the TV-series Trude’s Flatmate. The episodes are broadcast as parts of German most famous children’s magazine Sendung mit der Maus on Sunday mornings.


full episodes

Minigolf - E05

Dreizehn E11

Kuchen Ep15

Fussball Ep18

Niesen Ep22

Nachts - E02

Schneemann E07

Ostern Ep12

Waschtag Ep16

Wunderbrille Ep20

Inselurlaub Ep23

Robotier Ep29

Geschenk - E04

das Schöne und die Biest - E10

Weihnachten Ep13

Pflaster Ep17

Sitz Ep21

Klickhit Ep25

Akkordeon Ep32

Bagger - E01 

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