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Angel Afoot

shortfilm / 6 ½ min

commissioned by zdf / 2008


Waltraut, an angel, is stuck on earth: her wings shrunk and she cannot return to heaven. Waltraut is furious! In order to get back, she forces Kuno, a circus artist, to shoot her up in the sky with his giant cannon. But it doesn’t work. Waltraut has to come to terms with a life as an ordinary person. A life she is not meant to live. Will Waltraut ever manage to fly again?  


Maria Bogade, Carsten Bunte, Uwe Heidschoetter, Torben Meier, Klaus Morschheuser, Heiko Schneck, Mathias Schreck, Michael Sieber,  Jakob Schuh, Monika Tenhündfeld, Saschka Unseld, Johannes Weiland.




The film was part of the ZDF's children's show Siebenstein. Angel Afoot won Best TV Special at the 2008 Annecy Festival and the Animago Award.

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