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ident / 30 sec

for itfs & mtv / 2002

making it

Billy Bunny leaves his suburban home. He wants to have a night on the town. So do 392257 other bunnies - Go! With Dean Elliott’s whimsical “Lonesome Road” as a defining inspiration, Bunnies was originally com-missioned as a commercial and trailer segment for the Stuttgart International Festival for Animated Film. It was later bought by MTV International to be featured in their Art Breaks project. Visually, as well as in the editing, the piece was left unchanged but got a musical makeover by London’s ingenious Denis Ducasse. In 2005 Bunnies was also used as the official opener for that year’s edition of Mike judge and Don Hertzfeldt’s “The Animation Show”. The original idea of the piece was to meticulously orchestrate a spitfire-ballet of urban traffic to every note in Dean Elliott’s wonderful piece. the process was later reversed when it fell upon Denis Ducasse to arrange a new score that was just as tightly enmeshed in every frantic action. Visually the piece takes a bow to the delirious animation of the 1930s as well as the placid cityscapes of the great Miklos Suba.


Carla Heinzel, Elke Herbst, Torben Meier, Klaus Morschheuser, Mathias Schreck, Jakob Schuh, Alan Shamsudin, Christ Stenner, Saschka Unseld, Johannes Weiland.




In order to achieve the very crisp clean-up for he whole piece, even when shown on the 35mm-film copies, it became clear that, with the given schedule and budget, the tool for this project would have to be the computer. Everyone went to immense lengths to teach that intractable machine all the quirks and flaws of Suba’s perspectives, as well as the serious physical deformations characteristic of the rubber hose animations of the 1930s.

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