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Ernst in Autumn

short film / 6 minutes

commissioned by zdf / 2006


Ernst passionately loves summer. He cannot have enough of it. While the narrator tries to make him understand that autumn also has its upside, Ernst stubbornly is taking a bath in the ocean. But having a swim on a shabby autumn day will lead to a serious cold. Oh dear!
Will Ernst finally accept that time moves on, now, that he is stuck in bed and could rather fly a kite?

This short film, produced in 2006, was the first time we used a combination of 3D animation and hand drawn backgrounds.


Carsten Bunte, Sebastian Koch, Anna Kubik, Max Lang, Perrine Marais, Klaus Morschheuser, Marcus Sauermann, Mathias Schreck, Jakob Schuh, Michael Sieber. Saschka Unseld,  Johannes Weiland


by Jakob Schuh

artwork galery


Ernst in Autumn won the “Special Distinction” price at the International Seoul Animation Festival SICAF. It also received the award for “Best Animated Short” at the Goldener Spatz Festival in Erfurt.

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