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Princess & Dragon

short film / 7 minutes

commissioned by zdf / 2011


ZDF's producer Dr. Annick Hillger introduced us to the story by Angelika Glitz called "Die Prinzessin, der  Prinz und der Drache mit den grünen Augen" in April 2011. Annick needed the film by September and wasn’t sure if her delivery date was too tight.
Jakob and Bin-Han directed the short film in our Berlin office. They got help from the amazing French animation team Adeline, Florian, Benoît and Bung who came over to Germany for what they called their “summer break”. The background model sets were built in our workshop in Ludwigsburg by Gottfried, who had decided to cancel his holidays in June. When we worked on the short we didn’t know that the summer of 2011 would turn out to become one of the coldest and rainiest summers in many years. 
The team heroically delivered the film on time - pale and worn out. Back then, they did not get the compassion they deserved so well for spending all those extra hours in the studio since all the other Germans looked just like them. 
The film aired as part of the children's show Siebenstein and was awarded as Germany’s Best short in 2012. Only now, looking back, we wonder if a film about a princess who finally decides to split from her unconsidered prince charming needed a serious method direction and animation approach to be truthful.


Carsten Bunte, Adeline Grange, Florian Parrot, Christian Puille, Jakob Schuh, Benoît Tranchet, Bin-Han To, Gottfried Mentor, Bong Nguyen.


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The Princess, the Prince and the green-eyed Dragon was awarded the "Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis" in 2012. 

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