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Rasmus Klump

tv-series / 26 x 12 minutes

for zdf / 2014 - 2018

When we heard in 2009 that Danish Publishing House Egmont was open to make a new TV series of Rasmus Klump, a character invented by Vilhelm and Carla Hansen in the 1950s, we immediately got intrigued even though we weren’t able to phrase why Rasmus and his friends Pingo, Pelle and Old Salt resonated with us. They used to be part of our lives before we were able to consciously analyze why things matter to us.

When we were between 3 and 5 years of age we didn’t have any expectations on the world and how it works. Everything seemed possible, even flying bathtubs with an elephant inside.

initial steps

Rasmus and his friends were known and welcomed wherever they went. Every object was material for another idea to be followed through, every animal they met contributed to turn the day into something remarkable. We had so much in common.

We completed the finance of 26 episodes with the support of local film funder MFG, broadcaster ZDF, Mondrian Ltd. and Egmont in 2014. We finished the production in 2018.

news about rasmus klump

Maike Blankenhagen, Michael Bohnen-stingl, Marion Bordeyne, Patrick Brennecke, Carsten Bunte, Luca von Burkersroda, Natalie Ni Chleirigh, Paul Cichon, Matthias Eckhardt, Elena Felici, Mark Feller, Domareen Fox, Dan Franke, Jan Galli, Jeremy Hall, Ben Hearnden, Andreas Hummel, Michael Hockey, Joshua Jacobs, Ok-Hee Jeong, Matthias Liesenberg, André Marx, Michael Merkatz, Martin Minsel, Klaus Morschheuser,


Patrick A. Müller, Julie Narat, Kim Nguyen, Jørn Precht, Marie Renaud, Alexander Richter, Jill Poulin, Parzival Röthlein, Tim Rud-der, Marcus Sauermann, Benjamin Schreuder, Moritz Schneider, Mathias Schreck, Sandra Schulz, Michael Sieber, Sondre Sørby, Dominik Stübinger, Algimantas Taujanskas, Monika Tenhündtfeld, Arseniy Testin, Massimiliano Truzzi, Johannes Weiland, Tristan Weis.


Rasmus Klump, Pingo and pelikan Pelle are best friends. One day, they find shipwrecked Old Salt on the beach. The guys decide to help him build a new ship. But when Pingo and Pelle realize that Petzi wants to set sails and join Old Salt they’re shaken.

episode guide

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The series had its premiere in Germany in September 2018. It was awarded as Best National Animated Series at International Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart in 2016 and received the Silver Award for Best Animated Series at Xiamen International Animation Festival in China in 2016.




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