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Swipe Swipe

music clip / 4 minutes

commissioned by wdr / 2019




In Autumn 2019 Shadi and Johannes had the opportunity to create a short musical film about the impact of smartphones on families for German children’s program “Sendung mit der Maus”. They were asked to finish the film by the end of the year. Since Shadi was pregnant and expected her baby mid of January 2020 pressure was building up quickly: Would Shadi manage to finish her work before labour? Would Shadi’s work on the film already have an effect on her unborn child? And how will Shadi herself use social media when she brings her child to the playground? Would she herself check on her mobile how to raise a kid properly while her child is on the slide? 
All these moments, when you as a parent lose briefly track of your kid were intensively discussed with Johannes, a father of three himself, and became part of their film. If you watch very closely you might even catch a glimpse of Francesco, Shadi’s husband, in the film.
In the end everything worked out fine. The film was finished on time, Shadi got her little baby girl (whee bit late!) and Johannes’ kids keep on singing the song whenever they catch their parents with their cellphones.

Shadi Adib, Carsten Bunte,  Bernhard Lütke, Klaus Morschheuser, Marcus Sauermann, Mathias Schreck. Michael Sieber, Alexandra Stautmeister, Johannes Weiland


Swipe Swipe was partly financed with the “ARD-Programmprämie für Innovation und Qualität 2018”, an award that was granted to our studio for our work on "Trude's flatmate".


The film premiered in the children's program "Sendung mit der Maus" on the first of March 2020. It will be shown at the ITFS 2020 as part of Tricks for Kids.

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